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The Rise of the Celebrithete: The Celebrity of Athletes

In my posts, I'll be referring to a certain class of athletes as "celebrithetes." It's probably self-explanatory, but when I do that, I'm referring to those athletes who are also celebrities because of their athletic achievements.

** A few years ago, someone coined the phrase "celebutante" to describe people like Paris Hilton, who was arguably a celebrity because she was a wealthy heiress (debutante).

Celebrithete is like that, only different -- obviously. A celebrithete is someone who has climbed to the top of his or her sport and sought the limelight and a lifetime-long fifteen minutes of fame because of athletic success. A celebrithete blurs the line between athlete and rock star, or movie star, or A-lister at parties, or pitchman/woman.

A celebrithete is a person young athletes idolize and strive to be like. Celebrithetes can be good influences and have a humongous platform for giving kids positive messages about physical fitness, education and charity...or they can do other things that aren't so good.

Anyway, it's my made-up word of the week so you'll be seeing a lot of for awhile. :-)

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